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How can Behavioral Therapy help your child?

• Requesting

• Asking Questions

• Conversations 

• Toilet Training 

• Dressing

• Peer interactions

• Accepting no

• Independence

• Fine motor skills

• Following instructions

How do we operate?

Our therapy centers offer programs for children ages 2-10. All clients are individually assessed before they begin receiving services. Once passed, an individual treatment plan is developed by our BCBA. This program is data driven by our therapists. Parents have continuous access to their child’s progress through an online data collection system. As each child makes progress, their treatment plan is updated to ensure that maximum progress is being made.

What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a therapy based on the science of learning and behavior. ABA therapy applies our understanding of how behavior works to real situations. The goal is to increase behaviors that are helpful and decrease behaviors that are harmful or affect learning. The methods of behavior analysis have been used and studied for decades. They have helped many kinds of learners gain different skills – from healthier lifestyles to learning a new language. Good ABA programs for autism are not "one size fits all." ABA should not be viewed as a canned set of drills. Rather, each program is written to meet the needs of the individual learner. The goal of any ABA program is to help each person work on skills that will help them become more independent and successful in the short term as well as in the future.

Enrollment Process in 5 easy steps

Step 1
Contact Us

Simply reach out to us by phone, email, or contact form on our website and you will contacted by our parent liaison who will assist you through the process and answer any questions.

Step 2
Verify Insurance 

Navigating your insurance benefits can be confusing, and we want to take the headache out of this process by walking you through it. We are in network with the following companies; Cigna, United, BCBS, PPO & HMO, MAgellan, Aetna and Tricare.

Step 3
Center Tour

Once insurance is verified we will schedule a tour, where you will be walked around the center, and have any questions answered by our center manager, and confirm your spot on the waiting list

Step 4
Assessment &
Insurance Authorization

During the assessment our team of professionals will gather information about your child in the areas of behavior, play, social skills, etc. Once a treatment plan and family goals align it will get submitted to insurance for authorization. This process can take up to 30 days.

Step 5
Starting Services

After insurance approval the Center Manager will confirm a start data. On your child’s first day you will meet the team of dedicated professionals that will be providing one on one services, Data is continually recorded.

Child Counseling

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide specialized therapist to children with special needs so that they can function in the least restrictive environment possible. 

In Network Insurances

Beyond the Behavior accepts the in network insurances provided below. Give us a call to learn more about the other insurances provide. If we don't accept your insurance we do offer single case agreements.  

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Group 1.png
Group 9.png
Group 7.png
Group 10.png

Navigating life with Autism

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